Welcome to the Laboratory for Optical and Molecular Imaging

at Texas A&M University


Our research interests are broadly to develop novel biophotonic technologies for point-of-care diagnosis and monitoring of human disease as well as the basic scientific understanding of human disease.

Researchers in the lab work on developing novel technologies related to Optical Coherence Tomography, Photoacoustic Microscopy, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging, and Confocal Microscopy. Diseases of the ear and atherosclerosis are two areas of particular interest to the group. The work is highly interdisciplinary and involves strong collaborations with other research groups at Texas A&M University, the Department of Otolaryngology at Stanford University, and the University of Texas Health Science Center.



Our main lab is located in the Emerging Technology Building, 101 Bizzell St., College Station, TX 77843-3120 on the first floor in rooms 1039 and 1040.  Our lab in the Texas Medical Center is located in the Albert B. Alkek Institute of Biosciences and Technology Building, 2121 W Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX 77030, room 928B.